Vijesti iz doba COVIDA- 19

Neobični dani, neobične vijesti 🙂

Izdvojila sam nekoliko ludih naslova, sve podsjeća na neobični SF roman kojeg su odbila 22 nakladnika, ali je prošao kod onog 23..


-“Mum is in touch with this underground network of hairdressers who have been working from home.”

-Adults have been allowed to exercise for the first time after seven weeks of strict coronavirus lockdown.

Zoos around the world have said that their animals are “wondering what’s happened to everyone” during the lockdown period.

-Dogs are being trained to find out if they can detect people with coronavirus. 🐶

-Children in Switzerland under the age of 10 can now hug their grandparents


-HDZJZ utvrdio da covid ne ide u crkvu: U nedjelju mirne duše pružite bližnjem ruku i recite – virus s tobom

-Još se ne zna je li netko kihnuo u lopticu




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